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Wednesday, November 19, 2003 :::
Is Dean Electable?

Let's see -- to be electable, a Democratic candidate should be:

Moderate on social issues. Check

Fiscally conservative. Check

And, in this environment, anti-war (the Iraq war, that is). Check

Sounds pretty damn electable to me!

You know what, Fred Barnes doesn't disagree:

[E]ven if Dean is the nominee, he's likely to make an ideological beeline to the center and confront Bush as an antiwar fiscal conservative with liberal social leanings who wants to stabilize Iraq, not bug out. Having locked up the left, he can concentrate on wooing the center by limiting his tax hike to the so-called wealthy and emphasizing health care, an issue that reliably favors Democrats. And the press would probably treat him not as an egregious flip-flopper, but as a wily pragmatist looking to outsmart Bush.

I realize the scenario Barnes describes seems difficult to achieve. But if there's one thing Dean has demonstrated thus far, it's that he has a blue chip campaign team. Political experts have consistently bet against Dean and his team, and they have consistently been proven wrong. Perhaps Dean will be far more electable than most of the "experts" today believe. Especially if he picks a vice-president with national security expertise from a battleground State. Wesley Clark anyone?

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Monday, November 17, 2003 :::
Howard Dean is a Centrist

It's time to launch the 'meme' -- Howard Dean is a centrist.

Evidence (among other things):


Fiscally conservative

Governed as a moderate

The Republicans are going to paint him as 'far-left,' but they're laying off of him now, because they don't want to damage him in the primaries (they want to run against him -- so they're saving their ammo).

That's why it's critical that we make a strong showing now that Dean is a centrist. First impressions count, and a lot of people don't know Dean yet. Let's introduce him on our terms.

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