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Monday, November 03, 2003 :::
Official Pontificator Primary Endorsement

The presidential election is about one year away. In that election, I will vote for, give money to, blog in favor of, and campaign for, whoever gets the Democratic nomination.

However, it's time to make the difficult choice for whom to vote for in the primaries. I am primarily animated by a desire to get Bush kicked out of office. Therefore, the most important factor motivating by endorsement is whom I believe is most 'electable' in the general election. However, I am also animated by a liberal philosophy (as the term is presently understood in modern political discourse), and therefore do not want to sell out to a conservative centrist in the belief that such a person would win getting the 'swing vote' (a strategy that failed miserably in 2002). I also recognize that, in the post 9-11 age, it is important to have a leader with experience and credibility on national security matters. Having examined all of these factors, I can say that I really wish I could endorse Howard Dean, since I greatly admire his grassroots campaign and am with him on the big issues. Ultimately, however, the person I am endorsing strikes me as someone who will both inspire the base AND bring in swing voters and, moreover, who will NOT force us to concede the south. Accordingly, in the Democratic primaries, I endorse:

Supreme Allied Commander Wesley Clark!

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