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Wednesday, June 25, 2003 :::
In honor of the impending war with Iraq, I changed the subtitle for Pontificator from "news and commentary" to "wag the blog."

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There is at least some good news on the judicial nominations front, as Bush and Schumer agree on three highly qualified, reasonable, and moderate nominees to the Second Circuit and to the Southern District of New York. The Second Circuit has historically avoided the vicious partisan fights that have characterized the nomination process in most of the other federal courts.

Why are there less fights over nominees in the Second Circuit? My guess is that Republican business interests actually need some judges somewhere who know what they're doing and can deal with complex cases, as opposed to less sophisticated right-wing ideologues who will muck things up with their inexperience and radical temperament. The Second Circuit, which covers New York, is a good choice to be the "reasonable circuit," since the radical religious right-wingers have little power there, and complex cases are legion.

::: posted by Pontificator at 3:31 PM


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