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Thursday, May 01, 2003 :::
Yes, The Republicans Are Led By Bigots

Senator Rick Santorum, for instance, is still the third ranking Republican in the Senate, the Chairman of the Senate Republican Conference, and a bigot.

UPDATE: And this is what House majority leader Tom Delay had to say regarding Santorum's bigotry:

"I think Senator Santorum took a very courageous and moral position based upon principles and his world view," said Representative Tom DeLay, the House majority leader from Texas.

Mr. DeLay said he was proud of Mr. Santorum for "standing on principle."

Yes, the the Republicans are led by a bunch of bigots, and they're damn proud of it. Some things never change.

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Sunday, April 27, 2003 :::
Bush's Class Warfare

In light of the fact that thousands of poor people are about to lose their health care, I'm really glad we're cutting taxes on the wealthy:

Millions of low-income Americans face the loss of health insurance or sharp cuts in benefits, like coverage for prescription drugs and dental care, under proposals now moving through state legislatures around the country.

State officials and health policy experts say the cuts will increase the number of uninsured, threaten recent progress in covering children and impose severe strains on hospitals, doctors and nursing homes.

But those officials, confronting a third straight year of fiscal crisis, say they have no choice but to rein in Medicaid, the fast-growing program that provides health insurance for 50 million people.

Many state officials are pleading for federal help as they face an array of painful trade-offs, often pitting the needs of impoverished elderly people for prescription drugs and long-term care against those of low-income families seeking basic health coverage.

This is payback for Bush's campaign contributors, and Republican class warfare against the poor. As Bush pays off his buddies at Halliburton and the Hair Club for Growth (or whatever the latest trendy right wing business lobbying group is called), the poor , having already had their votes stolen in 2000, now get their health care stolen as well. Hell, even reactionary Democrats like John Breaux thinks Bush's actions are needlessly cruel:

Senator John B. Breaux, Democrat of Louisiana, said that in his state, where legislators face the prospect of cutting Medicaid's projected budget by one-third, "they're saying: `What can you do to help? Because if you don't, we'll have to cut the two most vulnerable areas, education and health care.' "

Signaling the political fight to come in Congress as President Bush pushes for a tax cut of $550 billion over 10 years, Mr. Breaux, an influential member of the Senate Finance Committee, said, "The problems we're facing now make you wonder why we're contemplating a tax cut of this size."

I say, let's filibuster the whole damn tax cut.

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