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Monday, August 21, 2006 :::
Peter King is Going Down!

It's 2006; Democrats are in ascendence.   And it's time to settle some scores.  One of those scores we'll settle is Katerine Harris.

We'll, we've already won that one.  But here's another.  New York grade-A-asshole Peter King:

Congressman Peter King (NY-R) on the White House lawn just before the 2004 presidential election. "The election is over. We won." (Reporter's voice, "How do you know that?") "It's all over, but the counting. And we'll take care of the counting," King boasts.

And here's another, more recent outrage:

King said the Connecticut primary has no bearing on his re-election race because "fortunately, [New York's]Third District is not composed of the left-wing bigots who went after Joe Lieberman."

Whaddya think -- does this guy deserve reelection.  I think not.  It's time to start crawling through the jungle with a knife between our teeth to take this guy out.

And in 2006, we can do it.  Even with the insitution that is Peter King.  And we have someone, respectable, professional, and competant, with the values of New York Third District, who seems primed to take on the task.  Dave Majias, is just the guy we need:

Since making history in 2003 by becoming the first Latino ever elected in Nassau County government, Legislator Dave Mejias has been a vital partner in Nassau's remarkable financial turnaround. In his first two years, he has passed balanced budgets with no tax increases for residents while Nassau County has received ten bond rating upgrades from independent Wall Street rating agencies-more than any other municipality in America. Nassau now has an "A" bond rating for the first time in a decade.

It's time to elect Dave Majias to New York's Third District.  Unless you'd like more of this:

Declaring that airport screeners shouldn't be hampered by "political correctness," House Homeland Security Chairman Peter King has endorsed requiring people of "Middle Eastern and South Asian" descent to undergo additional security checks because of their ethnicity and religion.

Discussing the recent revelation of an alleged plot in England to blow up U.S.-bound airliners, the Seaford Republican said yesterday that, "if the threat is coming from a particular group, I can understand why it would make sense to single them out for further questioning."

Let's give Dave Mejias a boost today!

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Thursday, May 11, 2006 :::

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Friday, December 30, 2005 :::

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Sunday, October 30, 2005 :::

Another Hurricane Wilma Photo

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Hurricane Wilma Photos

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Wednesday, November 03, 2004 :::
Our Re-elected President

"Under the species of Syndicalism and Fascism there appears for the first time in Europe a type of man who does not want to give reasons or to be right, but simply shows himself resolved to impose his opinions."

Jose Ortega y Gasset quotes (Spanish philosopher and humanist , 1883-1955)

And the American People

"Usually a person has more faith in their fear than faith in their future." --Doug Firebaugh

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Saturday, February 14, 2004 :::
Time to Give Money to Kerry

He's going to be the nominee. Everyone who wants to defeat Bush should donate money, either a little or a lot, depending on how much you can afford. If Bush and Kerry had the same resources, there is no question who would win. Bush's biggest advantage is a financial one (he has over $100 million in the bank to spend on negative ads). While we can't eliminate that advantage, it is our duty to lessen the advantage as much as possible.

Contribute By Clicking Here

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Friday, December 12, 2003 :::

Only one candidate is unelectable in 2004.

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